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Robert Kaiser, Rob Boston

June 27 . 2013

Act of Congress is Robert G. Kaiser’s eye-opening account of how Congress today really works—and doesn’t—that follows the dramatic journey of the sweeping financial reform bill enacted in response to the Great Crash of 2008. Then Rob Boston with Americans United talks about the recent Supreme Court rulings.

David Rosner

May 16 . 2013

In this incisive examination of lead poisoning during the past half century,  David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz focus on one of the most contentious and bitter battles in the history of public health in Lead Wars.

Gar Alperovitz

May 13 . 2013

In What Then Must We Do?, Gar Alperovitz speaks directly to the reader about where we find ourselves in history, why the time is right for a new-economy movement to coalesce, what it means to build a new system to replace the crumbling one, and how we might begin.

Jonah Berger

May 7 . 2013

In Contagious, Jonah Berger combines his groundbreaking research with powerful stories to explain the secret science behind social transmission.

John Kelly

March 19 . 2013

The Graves Are Walking is deeply researched, compelling in its details, and startling in its conclusions about the appalling decisions behind a tragedy of epic proportions, John Kelly’s retelling of the awful story of Ireland’s great hunger will resonate today as history that speaks to our own times.

Hugh Sinclair

July 12 . 2012

Hugh Sinclair weaves a shocking tale of a system increasingly focused on maximizing profits—particularly once large banks got involved in Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic.

Robert Mazur

June 26 . 2012

Robert Mazur began infiltrating  bankers behind the Medellín cartel and meticulously gathered evidence for years until, during a fake wedding, federal agents arrested over 40 high-ranking criminals and he tells how in The Infiltrator.

Lynn Stout, John Coates

June 21 . 2012

Lynn Stout shows how shareholder value thinking endangers not only investors but the rest of us as well in The Shareholder Value Myth. Then, neuroscientist John Coates reveals the biology of how risk taking transforms our body chemistry in The Hour Between Dog and Wolf.

Timothy Noah

June 8 . 2012

TimothyNoah explains in The Great Divergence not only how a fundamental shift in the character of American society has come about, but why it threatens American democracy—and most important, how we can begin to reverse it.

Mara Einstein

April 19 . 2012

In Compassion, Inc. Mara Einstein outlines how cause-related marketing desensitizes the public by putting a pleasant face on complex problems.