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Bernard Lietaer, Jacqui Dunne

March 13 . 2013

Rethinking Money lifts the veil on the mystery of money, tells us what it really is and why it causes so much trouble, and shows us how we can use new currencies to create a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous world.

Michael Grunwald

August 21 . 2012

Michael Grunwald reveals the vivid story behind President Obama’s $800 billion stimulus bill, one of the most important and least understood pieces of legislation in the history of the country in The New New Deal.

Alan Uke, Rebecca Jane Weinstein

July 30 . 2012

In  Buying America Back Alan Uke outlines his plan to turn back the tide with a grass-roots movement to promote American industry by helping American consumers have a better understanding of where their goods come from. Then, Rebecca Jane Weinstein talks about the misconceptions of  size and relationships in Fat Sex.

Chris Hedges

June 22 . 2012

Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges and award-winning cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco set out to take a look at areas in America that have been offered up for exploitation in the name of profit, progress, and technological advancement. Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt is the searing account of their travels.

Jordan Goodman

June 19 . 2012

Financial expert, Jordan Goodman offers strategies and tools to live debt free in Master Your Debt.

Linda McQuaig

June 12 . 2012

In Billionaires’ Ball, co-author Linda McQuaig takes us back in history to the political decisions that helped birth our billionaires, then move us forward to the cutting-edge research into the dangers that concentrated wealth poses.

Gar Alperovitz

January 10 . 2012

Gar Alperovitz, professor and political economist, calls on Democrats to “change the system,” believing many Americans are searching for new policies as we face large deficits; unemployment; terrorism; and loss of belief in equality, liberty, and democracy in America Beyond Capitalism.

Sheldon Garon, Patricia Cornwell

December 15 . 2011

Sheldon Garon’s Beyond Our Means tells for the first time how other nations aggressively encouraged their citizens to save by means of special savings institutions and savings campaigns, then, best selling author, Patricia Cornwell with her new novel Red Mist.

Steve Chaouki, Spencer Wells

December 9 . 2011

2012 delinquency forecasts with Steve Chaouki, Financial Services TransUnion. Then, Spencer Wells takes us on a powerful tour of when we  became farmers rather than hunter-gatherers, setting in motion a momentous chain of events that could not have been foreseen at the time in Pandora’s Seed.

Brian Kahn

April 5 . 2011

In Real Common Sense, award-winning public radio host Brian Kahn faces up to America’s critical problems—and then shows how the principles and values of America’s Founders can provide the moral compass we need to turn things around.