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Robert Scheer, Sarah Wu

October 27 . 2011

Veteran journalist and Truthdig editor, Robert Scheer talks about his latest book, The Great American Stickup. Then, just how bad are public school lunches? Sarah Wu goes undercover  in Fed Up With Lunch, an eye-opening account of what kids are being served in school cafeterias.

Peg Tyre, Ray Jayawardhana

September 22 . 2011

Peg Tyre offers parents far smarter and more sophisticated ways to assess a classroom and decide if the school and the teacher have the right stuff in The Good School. Later, Ray Jayawardhana with Strange New Worlds.

Virginia Walden Ford, Iris Toyer

May 2 . 2011

Are school vouchers the right or wrong choice for public education? Virginia Walden Ford, Executive Director of D.C. Parents for School Choice thinks it’s the right thing to do and on the other side is public school advocate, Iris Toyer.

Clark Aldrich

April 29 . 2011

Education expert Clark Aldrich has explored the practices of homeschoolers and unschoolers (those who eschew the structure or curricula of schools) and distilled a list of 55 ”rules,” that are changing both the way children are taught and our vision for schools in Unschooling Rules.

Diane Ravitch, Professor X

April 7 . 2011

Former Assistant Secretary of Education and author Diane Ravitch reacts to a new report showing student testing irregularities in D.C. under the leadership of former D.C. schools chancellor, Michelle Rhee. Ravitch is the author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System. Then, Professor X dispels the notion  that a university education is for everyone, calling it a destructive myth  In the Basement of the Ivory Tower.


Peter Zsebik, Kai Drekmeier

March 30 . 2011

In his new book, Educational Leadership for the 21st Century, scholar and educator Dr. Peter Zsebik agrees with President Obama on the need for radical changes to the current education system. Later, a Stanford University study finds student coaching substantially increases retention and graduation rates; Kai Drekmeier with Inside Track gives us more details.


Dante Chinni, Rush Kidder

October 26 . 2010

In a climate of culture wars and economic uncertainty, the media have often reduced America to a simplistic schism between red states and blue states. Journalist Dante Chinni teamed up with political geographer James Gimpel to launch the Patchwork Nation project, using on-the-ground reporting and statistical analysis to probe American communities in depth in Our Patchwork Nation. Then, nearly one-third of the nation’s parents, when asked to identify the biggest challenge to parenting today, pointed to ethical and moral issues. In  Good Kids, Tough Choices, Rushworth Kidder explores how parents can overcome these obstacles and effectively support and lead their children from early years to late teens.

Karl Weber

October 20 . 2010

The book, Waiting for Superman was inspired by the Sundance award-winning documentary where leading educational reformers explore how to fix our broken public school system through a series of essays. Karl Weber, the editor of the book joins us.

Andrew Hacker

September 1 . 2010

A quarter of a million dollars is the going tab for four years at most top-tier universities. But why does it cost so much and is it worth it? Sociologist Andrew Hacker and his co -author, Claudia Dreifus say the we have lost sight of the primary mission in Higher Education?.

Beth Raymer, Phillip Margolin

July 23 . 2010

Lay the Favorite is the story of Beth Raymer’s years in the high-stakes, high-anxiety world of sports betting. It’s an eye-popping and hilarious joyride through the gambling underworld. Then we talk to Phillip Margolin, President and Chairman of the Board of Chess for Success, a non-profit charity that uses chess to teach study skills to elementary and middle school children in Title I schools.