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Steve Chaouki, Spencer Wells

December 9 . 2011

2012 delinquency forecasts with Steve Chaouki, Financial Services TransUnion. Then, Spencer Wells takes us on a powerful tour of when we  became farmers rather than hunter-gatherers, setting in motion a momentous chain of events that could not have been foreseen at the time in Pandora’s Seed.

Alexandra Paul

August 11 . 2011

Actress and social  activist Alexandra Paul stands out in the crowd on a planet quickly approaching 7 billion people. She has been commended by the United Nations for her environmental work, arrested for trying to save the electric car and – in a decision that made her mother cry – remains child-free. Her decision to remain childless was a personal act to help ease pressure on our over-burdened planet.

Len Fisher

May 18 . 2011

At the cutting edge of science, Len Fisher helps us find ways to act before a full-fledged catastrophe is upon us in Crashes, Crises, and Calamities. It is a witty and informative exploration of the chaos, complexity, and patterns of our daily lives.

Paul Gilding

May 13 . 2011

In The Great Dispruption, Paul Gilding, says it’s time to stop worrying about climate change and instead  brace for impact because global crisis is no longer avoidable. He proposes that global warming is just one piece of an impending planetary collapse caused by our overuse of resources.

Kim Barker

March 17 . 2011

In The Taliban Shuffle, journalist Kim Barker offers an insider’s account of the “forgotten war” in Afghanistan and Pakistan, chronicling the years after America’s initial routing of the Taliban, when we failed to finish the job.

Dan Gardner

March 16 . 2011

Future Babble by Dan Gardner, an award winning journalist holds a magnifying glass over the entire expert prediction industry, naming pundits like David Brooks, Jeff Rubin, Peter Schiff, and Robert Kennedy (to name a few) who have been incorrect on predictions ranging from business to economics to international relations.


Jonathan Franklin

February 16 . 2011

33 Men is the riveting and authoritative account of the 2010 San José mine rescue in Chile-after one of the longest human entrapments in history. Investigative journalist, Jonathan Franklin was permitted access far past the police perimeter where he conducted interviews with families, rescue workers, the mine psychologist, drill operators, scientists, and the architects of the rescue operation.

Jay Walljasper

January 25 . 2011

Jay Walljasper discusses the commons — the things in life that belong to everyone, from water and wilderness to the internet and public spaces in All That We Share.

Devra Davis, Judge Glenda Hatchett

September 29 . 2010

In her new book, Disconnect, Dr. Devra Davis reveals untold stories of cell phone industry cover-up and explains what everyone needs to know and do about cell phone radiation-without giving up our cell phones. Later Judge Glenda Hatchett, host of her Emmy nominated syndicated show and author of Dare to Take Charge.

Heike Vester

September 16 . 2010

Why do the Japanese hunt whales? Heike Vester, biologist, coordinator and founder of Ocean Sounds, a private organization that is dedicated to the research of marine animals, public education, and conservation of the marine environment talks about the economics of whaling and the research that is being done .