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Marion Nestle

June 26 . 2013

Food Politics laid the groundwork for today’s food revolution and changed the way we respond to industry marketing practices. Now, a new introduction and concluding chapter bring us up to date on the key events in that movement helping us understand more clearly than ever before what we eat and why.

Pierre Desrochers, Jim Hecker

June 25 . 2012

In The Locavore’s Dilemma, Pierre Desrochers explains the history, science, and economics of food supply to reveal what locavores miss or misunderstand. Then,  Jim Hecker with Public Justice talks about mountaintop mining and  how it continues around the country.

Wayne Pacelle, Natalie Hopkinson

December 8 . 2011

The government will lift the ban on killing horses for meat and Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the U.S. is not happy about the decision. Later, Natalie Hopkinson with the Interactivity Foundation will tell us why school choice fails.

Deborah Cadbury

November 12 . 2010

Deborah Cadbury, author of Chocolate Wars follows the history of the British Cadbury chocolate company, owned by a couple of extraordinarily decent and virtuous Quaker brothers,  who disdained the callous and ruthless business practices of many of their rivals.

Lierre Keith, Randy Serraglio

March 24 . 2010

Ex-vegan, Lierre Keith gets hit with pies for writing The Vegan Myth and later Randy Serraglio talks about the endangered species condoms campaign and how it’s going.