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Charles Dunn, Michael Silverman

April 13 . 2011

Could real estate mogul Donald Trump and now “birther”  be considering a presidential bid in 2012?  Charles Dunn, professor at Regent University says his candidacy will help to re-elect Obama.  Then, a lawsuit has been filed that challenges the discriminatory view that transgender men cannot work as men. Michael Silverman with Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund talks about he case.

Sara Hutchinson, Kathryn Joyce

April 6 . 2011

Sara Hutchinson with Catholics for Choice examines the abuse of conscience clauses in the US. Should you have to perform jobs that are not morally justifiable? Later,  many health care providers do not dispense a full range of preventative care, especially advice on the use of and access to condoms to prevent the spread of HIV. Journalist, Kathryn Joyce talks about her piece in Conscience magazine, “Seeing is Believing: Questions about Faith-Based Organizations Involved in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment.”

Steve Benen, Murray Richmond

April 1 . 2011

A Presbyterian minister who preached against homosexuality has a change of heart after meeting people who really understood the stakes. Murray Richmond wrote a piece for describing what made him change his mind. Later, Steve Benen, contributing writer to Washington Monthly joins us to talk about what’s in the news.

Jay Bakker

January 19 . 2011

Jay Bakker, son of the infamous televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye recounts how he came to an understanding of grace that led him to champion gay rights in the church in his new book Fall to Grace.

Joan Del Fattore

January 13 . 2011

How free are students and teachers to express unpopular ideas in public schools and universities? Not free enough, Joan Del Fattore suggests in Knowledge in the Making. She investigates battles over a wide range of topics that have fractured school and university communities—homosexuality-themed children’s books, research on race-based intelligence, the teaching of evolution, the regulation of hate speech, and more.

Cheryl Kilodavis

January 5 . 2011

Society gives the okay for girls who wear boys clothing but is it okay for boys to dress up as girls? Cheryl Kilodavis wrote the book  My Princess Boy when her son started playing with dress up clothes at day care and this was the beginning of her journey to understand how to embrace her son.

J D Smith, Michael Petrelis

December 7 . 2010

J D Smith, co-director of Military Operations with Outserve, an underground network of gays actively serving in the military talks about repealing the military’s discriminatory policy of don’t ask don’t tell. Later, anti gay activities around the world particularly in Africa with Michael Petrelis, a San Francisco international gay and HIV activist.

Patricia Cornwell, Jon O’Brien,

December 1 . 2010

From the world’s #1 bestselling crime writer comes the extraordinary new Kay Scarpetta novel. Port Mortuary is Patricia Cornwell‘s 18th book and is literally a port for the dead. LAter in the hour Jon O’Brien, president of  Catholics For Choice joins us to talk about World Aids Day and an international effort to look at how public funds are used. 

Wayne Besen, Jay Varner

October 5 . 2010

A gay Rutgers student committed suicide after being videotaped by his roommate but will it make any difference in the fight against cyberbullying? Will it change the way hate crimes are written and applied to threats and attacks involving sexual orientation? Wayne Besen, executive director of  Truth Wins Out joins us and later, Jay Varner, author of  Nothing Left to Burn, a memoir that tells the story of a son’s relationship with his father, the fire chief and a local hero, and his grandfather, a serial arsonist.

Trevor Thomas, Robert McNamara

September 22 . 2010

Advocates of allowing gay Americans to serve openly in the armed forces were disappointed Tuesday by a Senate vote taking up a major military bill that would allow the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  Trevor Thomas with the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network talks about what’s next. Then, should it be illegal to work as a sightseeing guide without passing a test and getting a license? Robert McNamara a staff attorney with the Institute For Justice says it’s a violation of his clients constitutional rights.