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Erica Greider

May 14 . 2013

Texas may well be America’s most controversial state, evangelicals dominate the halls of power, millions of its people live in poverty, and its death row is the busiest in the country. Yet, according to journalist Erica Grieder, the country has a great deal to learn from the state in Big, Hot, Cheap, and Right.

Tom Diaz

May 1 . 2013

The Last Gun explores how the gun industry and the nature of gun violence have changed, including the disturbing rise in military-grade gun models.

Craig R. Whitney

January 3 . 2013

In Living With Guns, veteran New York Times editor Craig Whitney carefully reexamines America’s relationship with guns, showing how guns are an important part of American culture.

Josh Horwitz, Nina Chanpreet Kaur

August 8 . 2012

Is it time to take common sense measures to make it harder for some people to obtain weapons? Josh Horwitz with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence on the mass shooting in a Sikh temple near Milwaukee  and then Nina Chanpreet Kaur talks about her faith and what she’s doing to help reduce violence worldwide. Peace First.

Adam Winkler

November 14 . 2011

The debate over guns has always generated controversy and Adam Winkler uses the landmark 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, which invalidated a law banning handguns in the nation’s capital, as a springboard for a groundbreaking historical narrative in Gunfight.