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David Vann

December 13 . 2011

On Valentine’s Day 2008, Steve Kazmierczak killed five and wounded eighteen at Northern Illinois University, then killed himself. But he was an A student, a Deans’ Award winner. How could this happen? David Vann tells how in Last Day on Earth.

Dr. Charles Dunn, Thurston Clarke

January 11 . 2011

Is it time to temper the political rhetoric in the country especially after the mass shootings in Arizona? Dr. Charles Dunn with Regent University and author of  The Future Of Religion in American Politics tells us what he thinks. Later, author Thurston  Clarke, has two purposes in Ask Not, to examine the Kennedy Inauguration in precise detail and to determine J.F.K.’s role in writing the speech. He debunks the myth that it was written by Ted Sorenson.