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Marjorie Heins

February 5 . 2013

In Priests of Our Democracy, Marjorie Heins tells of the teachers and professors who resisted witch hunts, those who collaborated, and those whose battles led to landmark Supreme Court decisions.

Peter Dreier

July 2 . 2012

The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century, is Peter Dreier’s colorful and witty history of the most influential progressive leaders of the twentieth century and beyond.

Mathew Barrett, Mel Gilles

April 27 . 2012
Authors Mathew Barrett Gross and Mel Gilles combine history, current events, and psychological and cultural analysis to reveal the profound influence of apocalyptic thinking on America’s past, present, and future in The Last Myth.

John Fea

April 22 . 2011

John Fea offers an even-handed primer on whether America was founded to be a Christian nation, as many evangelicals assert, or a secular state, as others contend in Was America Founded As a Christian Nation?.

Joshua Kendall, Timothy Appleby

April 20 . 2011

Joshua Kendall argues that in spite of his flaws, Noah Webster belongs among the ranks of America’s notable founders to craft an early American identity rooted in national pride and a distinctly American lexicon in The Forgotten Founding Father. Later, veteran crime reporter, Tim Appleby chronicles a true story that could have been lifted from the darkest pages of pulp fiction, one that offers fascinating – and troubling – insights on human psychopathology in A New Kind of Monster.

Annette Gordon-Reed

January 18 . 2011

Andrew Johnson, the seventeenth president of the United States, is generally regarded by historians as among the weakest. Pulitzer Prize winning author and scholar, Annette Gordon-Reed has no intention of moving Johnson up in rankĀ  and takes as her task explaining why we should look anew at such a disastrous chief executive in Andrew Johnson.

John Loftus

December 2 . 2010

America’s Nazi Secret is a stirring account that reveals how the U.S. government permitted the illegal entry of Nazis into North America in the years following World War II. This extraordinary investigation exposed the secret section of the State Department and was uncovered by John Loftus, a former Justice Department investigator.

Jill Lepore

October 28 . 2010

Jill Lepore, Harvard historian and New Yorker staff writer, offers a wry look at American history according to the far right, from the “rant heard round the world,” which launched the Tea Party, to the Texas School Board’s adoption of a social-studies curriculum that teaches that the United States was established as a Christian nation in The Whites of Their Eyes.

Thaddeus Russell

October 7 . 2010

Noted historian Thaddeus Russell tells a new and surprising story about the origins of American freedom. Rather than crediting the standard textbook icons, Russell demonstrates that it was those on the fringes of society whose subversive lifestyles helped legitimize the taboo and made America the land of the free in A Renegade History of the United States.