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Eric Sterling, Barry Lynn

August 29 . 2013

Eric Sterling with the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation talks about easing overcrowding in federal prisons by ordering prosecutors to omit listing quantities of illegal substances in indictments for low-level drug cases, sidestepping federal laws that impose strict mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related offenses. Later Barry Lynn bids farewell to Culture Shocks.

Jeff Guinn

August 15 . 2013

Manson is the most authoritative account ever written of how an ordinary juvenile delinquent named Charles Manson became the notorious murderer whose crimes still shock and horrify us today.

Joseph Pistone

July 25 . 2013

Joe Pistone aka “Donnie Brasco”, the former FBI agent who infiltrated the Bonanno crime family is featured in the National Geographic Channel’s Inside the American Mob, a new series that delves into the world of the modern Mafia and how U.S. law enforcement took down the deadly, corrupt and unforgiving crime ring known as the American mob.

Ellery Schempp

July 10 . 2013

Ellery Schempp is celebrating the fifty-year anniversary of  Abington v Schempp, the Supreme Court case which declared the requirement of daily Bible readings and prayer in public schools to be unconstitutional.

Robert Kaiser, Rob Boston

June 27 . 2013

Act of Congress is Robert G. Kaiser’s eye-opening account of how Congress today really works—and doesn’t—that follows the dramatic journey of the sweeping financial reform bill enacted in response to the Great Crash of 2008. Then Rob Boston with Americans United talks about the recent Supreme Court rulings.

Floyd Abrams

June 25 . 2013
Friend of the Court is a collection of First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams’ speeches, articles, debates, briefs, oral arguments, and testimony from his entire career.

Diann Rust-Tierney, Sister Helen Prejean

June 24 . 2013

Will Jodi Arias get the death penalty for the murder of her boyfriend? Which states have dropped the sentence? Diann Rust-Tierney with the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, then Sister Helen Prejean on the 20th anniversary of Dead Man Walking.

Jeffrey Toobin

June 19 . 2013

The Oath is Jeffrey Toobin’s gripping insider’s account of the momentous ideological war between the John Roberts Supreme Court and the Obama administration.

Michael Avery

May 29 . 2013

How did the Federalist Society, a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in advancing a broad conservative legal agenda, succeed in moving their theories into the mainstream of legal thought? Co-author Michael Avery looks at areas of legal and political controversy in The Federalist Society.


Marcia Coyle

May 21 . 2013

Marcia Coyle’s brilliant inside account of the High Court captures four landmark decisions—concerning health care, money in elections, guns at home, and race in schools in The Roberts Court.