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April Wright

August 13 . 2013

Going Attractions, a new documentary, is the definitive story of the American  drive-in theatre by April Wright, independent writer, director and producer.

David DeCoteau

March 20 . 2013

Film director and producer David DeCoteau talks to Barry about his career in low budget films.


Loren Collins

January 9 . 2013

Loren Collins reveals how rumors are started as well as the types of rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies often found in misleading or outright false claims in Bullspotting.

Chance Williams, Eben Weiss

May 24 . 2012

Chance Williams with FreePress talks about how our media system is failing. Then, BikeSnobNYC (aka Eben Weiss) takes on the trials and triumphs of bike commuting with snark, humor, and enthusiasm in The Enlightened Cyclist.

Bay Buchanan, Bill Press

May 10 . 2012

In Bay and Her Boys, conservative political analyst, Bay Buchanan takes the reader on a candid trip into the world of single working motherhood. Then liberal radio host and author, Bill Press talks bout The Obama Hate Machine and how the Right has taken rhetoric to slanderous new levelsin attacking president.

Stefan Kanfer

April 25 . 2012

In this definitive biography, Tough Without a Gun, Stefan Kanfer answers why Humphrey Bogart captures our imagination, along the way illuminating the private man he was and shining the spotlight on some of the greatest performances ever captured on celluloid.

Frank Rose

March 23 . 2012

Wired contributing editor Frank Rose introduces us to the people who are reshaping media for a two-way world, whose ideas are changing how we play, how we chill, and even how we think in The Art of Immersion.

David Brock, Ari Rabin-Havt

March 2 . 2012

Based on research of the news watchdog organization Media Matters for America, David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt show how Fox News, under its president Roger Ailes, changed from a right-leaning news network into a partisan advocate for the Republican Party in The FOX Effect.

Chris Gethard

February 28 . 2012

Chris Gethard is an actor, comedian, and writer as well as the star and creator of The Chris Gethard Show; his new book is A Bad Idea I’m About to Do.

Jonathan Ladd

February 9 . 2012

Why has confidence in the press declined so dramatically over the past 40 years? Jonathan Ladd‘s book, Why Americans Hate the Media and How it Matters examines waning public trust in the Fourth Estate.