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Evelyn McDonnell

August 14 . 2013

Queens of Noise looks beyond the lurid voyeuristic appeal of a sex-drugs-rock ’n’ roll saga to give the rock band, Runaways its place in musical, feminist, and cultural history.

Ronald K.L. Collins

April 3 . 2013

Ronald Collins and David Skover’s Mania tells the mad, manic, drug and sex fueled story of writers and artists who shaped the cultural revolution.

Jason Howard

January 23 . 2013

A Few Honest Words by Jason Howard explores how Kentucky’s landscape, culture, and traditions have influenced notable contemporary musicians. The detailed profiles reveal the importance of the state and the Appalachian region to the creation and performance of music in America.

Buddy Guy

July 27 . 2012

Here, for the first time, is Buddy Guy‘s story in his own unique voice, told as only he can tell it-with deep personal insight and unforgettable, candid portraits of all the key players of the first generation of electric blues artists, whose music changed the world forever in When I Left Home.

Maggie Nelson

July 26 . 2012

Maggie Nelson’s The Art of Cruelty looks at representations of violence in art by poets, playwrights and novelists with an eye to the question of whether or not focusing on depictions of cruelty actually makes us cruel.

Ingrid Croce

July 17 . 2012

Jim Croce‘s memoir, I Got A Name, reveals the man behind the denim jackets and signature mustache, a hard-working, wry charmer who was also beset with exhaustion at the sheer magnitude of his own success.

Robert Hardy

June 15 . 2012

In A Deeper Blue, Robert Hardy traces songwriter Townes Van Zandt’s background as the scion of a prominent Texas family; his troubled early years and his transformation from promising pre-law student to wandering folk singer; his life on the road and the demons that pursued him; the women who loved and inspired him; and the brilliance and enduring beauty of his songs, which are explored in depth.


Stefan Kanfer

April 25 . 2012

In this definitive biography, Tough Without a Gun, Stefan Kanfer answers why Humphrey Bogart captures our imagination, along the way illuminating the private man he was and shining the spotlight on some of the greatest performances ever captured on celluloid.

Cory MacLauchlin

April 10 . 2012

In Butterfly in the Typewriter, Cory MacLauchlin draws on scores of new interviews with friends, family, and colleagues of writer John Kennedy Toole, as well as access to the  archive at Tulane University, capturing his upbringing in New Orleans, his years in New York City, his frenzy of writing in Puerto Rico, his return to his beloved city, and his descent into paranoia and depression.

Ronny Cox

April 3 . 2012

Dueling Banjos is a collection of stories of the making of the iconic movie Deliverance, told from the perspective of one of the four main actors in the film, Ronny Cox, who played the character of Drew.