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Hogan Gorman

March 6 . 2012

Inspired by her acclaimed one-woman show, Hogan Gorman’s Hot Cripple is a bitingly funny and keenly observed account of the cracks in our medical and social welfare system.


Krystal Myers, M.G. Lord

March 1 . 2012

Krystal Myers, a high school student says that her rights as an atheist were limited and unjust when compared to other students who are Christians after officials blocked the publication of her column,  No Rights: The Life of an Atheist. Then, M.G. Lord argues in The Accidental Feminist that actress, Elizabeth Taylor was much more than a beautiful face, she was a path breaker for social progress and feminism.

Chris Gethard

February 28 . 2012

Chris Gethard is an actor, comedian, and writer as well as the star and creator of The Chris Gethard Show; his new book is A Bad Idea I’m About to Do.

Janice Lynch Schuster, Dr. Steven Berk

February 7 . 2012

Bruce Springsteen fan, Janice Lynch Schuster ruminates on not being able to get tickets for the singer’s east coast concert because of scalpers. Later, Dr. Steven Berk recalls the two-hour ordeal when a convict held him hostage in Anatomy of a Kidnapping.


Scott Alarik

January 24 . 2012

Scott Alarik‘s Revival celebrates America’s renewed passion for folk music as well as a May-December romance with a young female songwriter and older male songwriter.

Peter Yarrow

November 21 . 2011

Peter Yarrow’ of the ’60s folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary, along with Lenny Lipton, wrote the beloved song and now hit book Puff, the Magic Dragon.  Peter is active in Operation Respect, an organization that promotes anti-bullying awareness in schools across the country.

Greil Marcus

November 18 . 2011

The Doors is the first book about the group to bypass their myth, their mystique, and the death cult of both Jim Morrison and the era he was made to personify, and focus solely on the music.

Judy Collins, Juliane Koepcke

November 4 . 2011

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes is the deeply personal, honest, and revealing memoir of folk legend Judy Collins. Juliane Koepcke shares the private moments of her survival and rescue in an air crash that happened 40 years ago in When I Fell From the Sky.

Jerry Blavat

September 23 . 2011

The autobiography of entertainment icon Jerry Blavat, You Only Rock Once is the wildly entertaining and unfiltered story of the man whose career began at the age of 13 on the TV dance show Bandstand and became a music legend.

Joshua Baron, Suzanne Cadgene

September 21 . 2011

Joshua Baron chronicles the untold story of the modern concert industry, revealing the origins, development and ongoing strategies in Ticket Masters. Then Suzanne Cadgene with Elmore magazine continues the conversation.