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Peter Conners

August 26 . 2013

Peter Conners tells the story of the roots, evolution, values, and passion of the jam band scene in the words of those who know it best in JAMerica.

Dr. Monica Miller

July 15 . 2013

Dr. Monica Miller‘s Religion and Hip Hop brings together the category of religion, hip hop cultural modalities and the demographic of youth. She says, we must begin again by rethinking the religious.

Gary W. Moore, Herman Schwartz

January 21 . 2011

What really brought down singer Buddy Holly’s plane? Gary W. Moore has new twist on the tragic crash and says the investigation should be reopened in Hey Buddy. Later, law professor Herman Schwartz says the gerrymandering orgy begins with a bizarre menagerie of electoral districts that make a travesty of democracy.

Elliott Tiber, William Ryerson

August 17 . 2010

Taking Woodstock is the funny, touching, and true story of Elliot Tiber, the man who helped the celebrated music festival take place. It is also Tiber’s personal story of how he took stock of his life, his lifestyle, and his future. At the half, Bill Ryerson, President of the Population Media Center talks about their new video game,, that is aimed at preventing violence against women.