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Ben Manski, Joseph Nye

February 24 . 2011

There is a  huge fight over labor unions and their role. Protests that began in Madison, Wisconsin have spread to other capitals but  are unions becoming the scapegoats for state budget shortfalls? Ben Manski, executive director of the Liberty Tree Foundation and a spokesperson for Wisconsin Wave says that this could mean the end of  the middle class. Later, Joseph Nye shows us how to better understand world affairs in the twenty -first century in The Future of Power.

Susan Southard

August 9 . 2010

Today is the 65th anniversary of the Nagasaki atomic bombing and author Susan Southard invites readers into the daily lives of five survivors who were all teenagers at the time of the attack.  Southard has traveled to Nagasaki four times since 2003 to do interviews and was granted access to testimonies and original sources not available elsewhere. The book will be completed in 2011.