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Michael Avery

May 29 . 2013

How did the Federalist Society, a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in advancing a broad conservative legal agenda, succeed in moving their theories into the mainstream of legal thought? Co-author Michael Avery looks at areas of legal and political controversy in The Federalist Society.


Erica Greider

May 14 . 2013

Texas may well be America’s most controversial state, evangelicals dominate the halls of power, millions of its people live in poverty, and its death row is the busiest in the country. Yet, according to journalist Erica Grieder, the country has a great deal to learn from the state in Big, Hot, Cheap, and Right.

Dina Hampton

April 17 . 2013

In Little Red, based on extensive original interviews and archival research, Dina Hampton tells the compelling, interwoven life stories of three schoolmates.

John Kelly

March 19 . 2013

The Graves Are Walking is deeply researched, compelling in its details, and startling in its conclusions about the appalling decisions behind a tragedy of epic proportions, John Kelly’s retelling of the awful story of Ireland’s great hunger will resonate today as history that speaks to our own times.

Bernard Lietaer, Jacqui Dunne

March 13 . 2013

Rethinking Money lifts the veil on the mystery of money, tells us what it really is and why it causes so much trouble, and shows us how we can use new currencies to create a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous world.

Louis Michael Seidman

March 7 . 2013

The framers of the Constitution saw society as essentially hierarchical, led by landed gentry like themselves, yet we still obey their commands, two centuries and one civil war later. In On Constitutional Disobedience, Louis Michael Seidman argues that it’s time to stop.

Jonathan Haidt

February 19 . 2013

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has challenged conventional thinking about morality, politics, and religion in a way that speaks to everyone on the political spectrum in The Righteous Mind.

Dave Barry, Paul Krassner

February 7 . 2013

Insane City is a dark comic masterpiece—the first solo adult novel in more than a decade from the Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times–bestselling author, Dave Barry. Later, satirist Paul Krassner talks about the state of political humor.



David Schultz

February 4 . 2013

In American Politics in the Age of Ignorance, David Schultz contends that policy making is shrouded in many myths and that policy makers often ignore ample research and evidence when it comes to legislating on a range of issues.


Alan Blinder

January 31 . 2013

Alan Blinder, former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, shows us how the U.S. financial system experienced a perfect storm beginning in 2007 in After the Music Stops.