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Jessica Mason Pieklo

May 9 . 2013

Crow After Roe examines eleven states since 2010 that have each passed a different anti-abortion or anti-women’s health law explicitly written to provoke a repeal of Roe v. Wade. Co-author, Jessica Pieklo tells us what has changed.

Sarah Erdreich

March 5 . 2013

Sarah Erdreich presents the antidote to the usual abortion debates in Generation Roe.

Bill Baird

September 27 . 2012

Reproductive rights in the 2012 campaign with activist Bill Baird, founder of  Pro Choice League.

Timothy Jost, Janet Crepps

August 1 . 2012

This is bad decision day! Can a corporation exercise religion; yes, according to a federal district judge. Law professor, Timothy Jost talks about the case and the blog he posted. Then, a federal judge in Arizona  has upheld the law to limit abortions beyond 20 weeks. Janet Crepps, senior counsel with  Center for Reproductive Rights joins us.



Andy Andrews, Elaine Tyler May

February 27 . 2012

Andy Andrews is the author of How Do You Kill 11 Million People? about voter apathy and America’s current political culture. Then, Elaine Tyler May, professor at the University of Minnesota and author of America and the Pill talks about her piece in the Washington Post, “How the Catholic Church almost came to accept birth control‘.

Merle Hoffman

January 9 . 2012

Merle Hoffman,  journalist, activist, and women’s health care pioneer has been a fearless crusader for a woman’s right to choose. She chronicles three decades of reproductive rights in Intimate Wars.

Terry O’Neill, Ken Ballen

November 3 . 2011

Mississippi will vote on a constitutional amendment declaring that embryos are people, a move that would outlaw abortion and could criminalize other birth control methods. Terry O’Neill with NOW joins us. Then, author Ken Ballen talks about Terrorists in Love.

Mara Hvistendahl

June 28 . 2011

In China, India and elsewhere, there is a preference for boys and  sex-selective abortions have played havoc with that balance. As a result, millions of women are missing from the population and generations of men won’t find mates. Mara Hvistendahl‘s book Unnatural Selection describes how the decision to choose a child’s sex led to this state.

Sara Hutchinson, Kathryn Joyce

April 6 . 2011

Sara Hutchinson with Catholics for Choice examines the abuse of conscience clauses in the US. Should you have to perform jobs that are not morally justifiable? Later,  many health care providers do not dispense a full range of preventative care, especially advice on the use of and access to condoms to prevent the spread of HIV. Journalist, Kathryn Joyce talks about her piece in Conscience magazine, “Seeing is Believing: Questions about Faith-Based Organizations Involved in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment.”

Dr. LeRoy Carhart

February 9 . 2011

Anti-choice lawmakers have introduced government intrusions into the personal medical decisions of women by preventing them from using their money to buy abortion coverage. Dr. LeRoy Carhart, medical director of Abortion is committed to reduce the need for abortions in the future while increasing the availability in the present.