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Si Kahn, Suzanne Little

June 17 . 2013

There is a battle in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska, home to wild salmon fisheries and mineral deposits, to stop a public mine project and protect the Bay. Will the President do anything to stop it? Si Kahn, songwriter, activist is joined by Suzanne Little, former Alaska state senator and founders of Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay.

Kate Brown

May 2 . 2013

In Plutopia, Kate Brown draws on official records and dozens of interviews to tell the extraordinary stories of Richland, Washington and Ozersk, Russia-the first two cities in the world to produce plutonium.

John Barylick, Linda Fisher

February 11 . 2013

Killer Show is John Barylick‘s comprehensive exploration of the chain of events leading up to the Warwick, R.I. fire, and the painstaking search for evidence to hold the guilty to account and obtain justice for the victims.Linda Fisher was at the club the night of the fire and tells us her story of survival.

Steve Coll, Barbara Ehrenreich

May 15 . 2012

In Private Empire Steve Coll investigates the largest and most powerful private corporation in the United States, revealing the true extent of ExxonMobil’s power. Later, author Barbara Ehrenreich talks about The Animal Cure in The Baffler magazine.

Daniel Allen Butler

April 23 . 2012

Daniel Allen Butler‘s passionate yet balanced narrative explores every facet of the Titanic‘s history, including her spectacular conception in an Irish shipyard and the ambitious modern-day attempts to salvage her in Unsinkable.

Judy Collins, Juliane Koepcke

November 4 . 2011

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes is the deeply personal, honest, and revealing memoir of folk legend Judy Collins. Juliane Koepcke shares the private moments of her survival and rescue in an air crash that happened 40 years ago in When I Fell From the Sky.

Lisa Sharon Harper, Robert Misic

October 7 . 2011

In Left, Right and Christ, Lisa Sharon Harper helps us to understand the world of politics from a distinctly Christian perspective. Then, most Americans who fly would like to believe that the FAA spares no effort in protecting their safety however, that’s inaccurate according to Robert Misic in Crash and Burn.


Fred Wilcox

October 6 . 2011

Fred A. Wilcox has spent most of his career investigating the effects of Agent Orange/dioxin on its victims, who continue to fight for official recognition of and compensation. Scorched Earth is the first chronicle of the effects of chemical warfare on the Vietnamese people and their environment and Waiting for An Army to Die tells the stories of hundreds who have been affected by the agent.

Siddhartha Mukherjee

September 19 . 2011

Oncologist, Siddhartha Mukherjee shows in The Emperor of All Maladies how modern treatments like  chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, as well as preventative care–came into existence thanks to a century’s worth of research, trials, and small, essential breakthroughs around the globe.

Susan Wachter

August 29 . 2011

Susan M. Wachter, a leader in the field of real estate and finance, examines key elements of the mortgage meltdown in The American Mortgage System.