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Sarah Jones

August 22 . 2013

Sarah Jones with Americans United for Separation of Church and State talks about her experiences as a home schooler and an ex-Christian fundamentalist.

Zack Kopplin, Matt Kohut

August 21 . 2013

Political activist, writer and organizer, Zack Kopplin talks about science education in public schools. Then, in Compelling People, co-author  Matt Kohut draws on cutting edge social science research to teach us what we need to do to make people BOTH like us AND listen to us.

Phil Madeira

July 22 . 2013
Musician and songwriter Phil Madeira turns his talent for evocative lyricism from the stage to the page as he invites us to wander with him on his relentless search for God in God On the Rocks.

Dr. Monica Miller

July 15 . 2013

Dr. Monica Miller‘s Religion and Hip Hop brings together the category of religion, hip hop cultural modalities and the demographic of youth. She says, we must begin again by rethinking the religious.

Frederic Rich

July 11 . 2013

Frederic Rich’s brilliantly readable counter factual novel, reminds us that America’s Christian fundamentalists have been consistently clear about their vision for a “Christian Nation” and dead serious about acquiring the political power to achieve it.

Ellery Schempp

July 10 . 2013

Ellery Schempp is celebrating the fifty-year anniversary of  Abington v Schempp, the Supreme Court case which declared the requirement of daily Bible readings and prayer in public schools to be unconstitutional.

Jerry DeWitt

July 2 . 2013

Jerry DeWitt was born and bred into the church and was a Pentecostal preacher before arriving at atheism through an extraordinary dialogue with faith that spanned more than a quarter of a century, Hope After Faith is his account.

Bishop John Shelby Spong

July 1 . 2013

John Shelby Spong argues in The Fourth Gospel that this last gospel to be written was misinterpreted by the framers of the fourth-century creeds to be a literal account of the life of Jesus when in fact it is a literary, interpretive retelling of the events in Jesus’ life through the medium of fictional characters.

Michael D’Antonio

June 20 . 2013
Michael D’Antonio‘s, Mortal Sins is an explosive, sweeping account of the scandal that has sent the Catholic Church into a tailspin — and the brave few who fought for justice

David Felten

June 10 . 2013

Tackling issues of faith and controversial subjects such as the church’s position on homosexuality, Living the Questions is the most comprehensive, indeed the only survey of progressive Christianity in existence today.