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David McRaney

August 8 . 2013

David McRaney shares more discoveries about self-delusion and irrational thinking, and gives readers a fighting chance at outsmarting their not-so-smart brains in You Are Now Less Dumb.

Charles Graeber

August 6 . 2013

The Good Nurse does more than chronicle Charlie Cullen’s deadly career as a serial killer in the deaths of as many as 300 patients, and efforts to stop him; it paints an incredibly vivid portrait of madness and offers a penetrating look inside America’s medical system.

Nathan Belofsky

July 16 . 2013

In Strange Medicine, Nathan Belofsky takes readers on a wild ride through history, describing the bizarre treatments, hubris-driven blunders and stomach-turning cures civilized society has been subjected to over the centuries.

Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, Kathryn Bowers

April 15 . 2013

Joining forces with science journalist Kathryn Bowers, Barbara Natterson-Horowitz employs fascinating case studies to present a revelatory understanding of what animals can teach us about the human body and mind in Zoobiquity.

Anne Fletcher

March 14 . 2013
Inside Rehab is Anne Fletcher‘s eye-opening tour of the addiction treatment industry exploring the gap between what should happen and what does.

Dr. Leana Wen

February 20 . 2013

When Doctors Don’t Listen is an essential guide that enables you to speak up and take back control of your health care by empowering the patient to engage with their doctors as partners in their diagnosis. Co-author Dr. Leana Wen tells you which questions to ask.

Robert Provine

September 6 . 2012

Robert Provine boldly goes where other scientists seldom tread—in search of hiccups, coughs, yawns, sneezes, and other lowly, undignified human behaviors in Curious Behavior.

Paul Zak, Jerry McGill

May 21 . 2012

The Moral Molecule is Paul Zak’s  first-hand account of the discovery of a molecule that makes us moral revealing that compassion is part of our nature and what it means to be human. Then, Dear Marcus is a reflection on Jerry McGill’s childhood, and written as a letter to the man who shot him, whom he calls Marcus; it was the event that changed his life in an instant and left him with a disability.

John Woestendiek

January 25 . 2012

John Woestendiek takes readers behind the scenes of the emerging dog cloning industry in Dog, Inc., a fascinating look at how our emotional needs are bending the reaches of science and technology.

Jonathan Moreno

January 23 . 2012

Jonathan Moreno explains the most contentious biopolitics issues in The Body Politic, offering an engaging history of the intersection between science and democracy in American life.