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Roger Lowenstein

April 21 . 2011

Roger Lowenstein sets out to prove that the current financial difficulties began long before the summer of 2008, and long before the failure of Lehman Brothers in The End of Wall Street.

Ben Manski, Joseph Nye

February 24 . 2011

There is a  huge fight over labor unions and their role. Protests that began in Madison, Wisconsin have spread to other capitals but  are unions becoming the scapegoats for state budget shortfalls? Ben Manski, executive director of the Liberty Tree Foundation and a spokesperson for Wisconsin Wave says that this could mean the end of  the middle class. Later, Joseph Nye shows us how to better understand world affairs in the twenty -first century in The Future of Power.

Josh Bivens

February 10 . 2011

In Failure By Design,  economist Josh Bivens explains how policymakers have played a role in creating our economic system. He demonstrates how policy choices made by elected leaders over the past four decades have resulted in the deck being stacked against working Americans – but that it didn’t have to be.

Emily Lambert

January 26 . 2011

In The Futures, Emily Lambert, senior writer at Forbes magazine, tells us the rich and dramatic history of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade, which together comprised the original, most bustling futures market in the world.

Gary W. Moore, Herman Schwartz

January 21 . 2011

What really brought down singer Buddy Holly’s plane? Gary W. Moore has new twist on the tragic crash and says the investigation should be reopened in Hey Buddy. Later, law professor Herman Schwartz says the gerrymandering orgy begins with a bizarre menagerie of electoral districts that make a travesty of democracy.

Mark Stephens, Seth Mnookin

January 20 . 2011

Arizona is no longer covering transplant operations under its Medicaid program because it’s too expensive. Mark Stephens, executive with the National Patient Advocate Foundation tells us what he thinks of that decision.  Then, is there an autism vaccine connection? In The Panic Virus, journalist  Seth Mnookin draws on interviews with parents, public-health advocates, scientists, and anti-vaccine activists to tackle a fundamental question: How do we decide what the truth is?

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Frances O’Brien

December 14 . 2010

A federal judge in Virginia declared part of the health care bill unconstitutional and Dr. Margaret Flowers says that this ruling is just another sign of the deterioration of this complicated piece of legislation. Later Frances O’Brien with A Benevolent Virus, a collection of poignant and gripping stories about spirituality and near-death experiences.

Thaddeus Russell

October 7 . 2010

Noted historian Thaddeus Russell tells a new and surprising story about the origins of American freedom. Rather than crediting the standard textbook icons, Russell demonstrates that it was those on the fringes of society whose subversive lifestyles helped legitimize the taboo and made America the land of the free in A Renegade History of the United States.

Kate Zernike

September 15 . 2010

Did the Tea Party movement have any effect on Tuesday’s  primaries? Kate Zernike, a national correspondent for The New York Times and was a member of the team that shared the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting takes a surprising and revealing look inside the Tea Party movement—where it came from, what it stands for, and what it means for the future of American politics in Boiling Mad.

James Loewen

September 13 . 2010

Award-winning sociologist and historian James W. Loewen with co-editor, Edward H. Sebesta,  put in perspective the mythology of the Old South in The Confederate and The Neo-Confederate Reader.