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Jessica Arons, Andrew Blotsky

June 11 . 2012

Jessica Arons and Andrew Blotsky with Center for American Progress join us to talk about the big anniversary at the Supreme Court to protect the use of birth control in the same year that right-wing forces are trying to take that right away.

Judith Hanna

June 1 . 2012

In Naked Truth, Judith Hanna builds a convincing case that the attack on exotic dance is part of the activist Christian Right’s “grand design” to supplant constitutional democracy in America with a Bible-based theocracy.



Melissa McEwan, Ted Rall

May 30 . 2012

Hustler magazine ran a satire of a conservative columnist simulating a sex act using free speech as a defense, further denigrating women. Melissa McEwan, progressive feminist and founder of Shakesville tells us what she thinks. Then later, Ted Rall revisits the rapid rise and dizzying fall of Obama–and concludes that we lied to ourselves, about the president and the two-party system in The Book of Obama.

Martha Burk

May 29 . 2012

Martha Burk empowers the reader to cut through the double talk, irrelevancies, and false promises, and focuses directly on what’s at stake for women not only in the 2012 election, but also in the years beyond in Your Voice, Your Vote.

Rev. Debra Haffner

March 21 . 2012

Rev. Debra Haffner, director of  the Religious Institute with  her predictions on sexuality in public life for 2012 plus taking on Rush Limbaugh.

Krystal Myers, M.G. Lord

March 1 . 2012

Krystal Myers, a high school student says that her rights as an atheist were limited and unjust when compared to other students who are Christians after officials blocked the publication of her column,  No Rights: The Life of an Atheist. Then, M.G. Lord argues in The Accidental Feminist that actress, Elizabeth Taylor was much more than a beautiful face, she was a path breaker for social progress and feminism.

Merle Hoffman

January 9 . 2012

Merle Hoffman,  journalist, activist, and women’s health care pioneer has been a fearless crusader for a woman’s right to choose. She chronicles three decades of reproductive rights in Intimate Wars.

Peter Yarrow

November 21 . 2011

Peter Yarrow’ of the ’60s folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary, along with Lenny Lipton, wrote the beloved song and now hit book Puff, the Magic Dragon.  Peter is active in Operation Respect, an organization that promotes anti-bullying awareness in schools across the country.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

November 15 . 2011

The Change I Believe In is a collection of  The Nation’s editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel’s commentaries and columns from the first years of the Obama administration, an era that has come to be defined by reform and reaction.

Terry O’Neill, Ken Ballen

November 3 . 2011

Mississippi will vote on a constitutional amendment declaring that embryos are people, a move that would outlaw abortion and could criminalize other birth control methods. Terry O’Neill with NOW joins us. Then, author Ken Ballen talks about Terrorists in Love.